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NOTICE: We have seen increased door-to-door activity by solicitors. This is a reminder that Bettsville has a Green River Ordinance prohibiting door-to-door solicitation.

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Welcome to the Village of Bettsville

In the year 1834, John Betts purchased 68 1/2 acres of land in Liberty Township. In 1838 he had it surveyed into 21 lots which became the Village of Bettsville. By 1847 Bettsville contained 7 family dwellings, 2 churches, 1 cabinet shop, and one shoe shop with a population of 40.

Bettsville continued to expand and thrive and many more businesses were started and many more families settled in. In the bitter cold of 1912, the now downtown business district that housed a department store caught fire causing the entire north State Street to burn. Not one single building stood to exist. But Bettsville didn’t die.




Latest News

Award Ceremony

Award Ceremony

At our August 2nd monthly meeting we were pleased to award Devin Garn with an official recognition from the village designating July 1st as Devin Andrew Garn day for his heroic life saving actions. Devin notice a fire in a home on creek road outside of Bettsville....

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Dog Leash Reminder

Dog Leash Reminder

A helpful reminder to our citizens of Bettsville and the surrounding area in an effort to keep our community safe that a dog leash law does exist in Ohio. Under the Ohio Revised Code section 955.22 all dogs must be restrained and controlled by their owner.

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