About the Village of Bettsville

In the year 1834, John Betts purchased 68 1/2 acres of land in Liberty Township. In 1838 he had it surveyed into 21 lots which became the Village of Bettsville. By 1847 Bettsville contained 7 family dwellings, 2 churches, 1 cabinet shop, and one shoe shop with a population of 40.

Bettsville continued to expand and thrive and many more businesses were started and many more families settled in. In the bitter cold of 1912, the now downtown business district that housed a department store caught fire causing the entire north State Street to burn. Not one single building stood to exist. But Bettsville didn’t die. The very next day two businessmen Andrews and Edmonson opened their businesses out of Andrew’s kitchen. The State Street businesses rebuilt to what they are today.

In 1975 the Bettsville Fire Department purchased the Sentle Trucking Company building from Mr. F.W. Craun to make it into what is now the Village Complex housing the Fire Station, Police Station, EMS Building, Water and Sewer Office, and Village Office. The Village of Bettsville now populates with 661 residents with 1 restaurant, 1 church, gas station, bank and much more making that small town living nicer than ever.

308 Emma Street
Bettsville, OH 44815




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